What We’re Playing

So here are a few of the games that we have been playing recently. You might have seen pictures of them on my Instagram. Also on this page is my current Top 10 board games. This is massively subjective and will change every so often. But feel free to voice your comments and argue your case. These are only games that I have played, so there are some amazing games that could be in a Top 10, but I haven’t been lucky enough to play them yet.

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7 Wonders Duel

What is it?

A two player card drafting game. The idea is that you are building your city through the three Ages in direct competition with your opponent. You can build buildings, earn gold or build amazing wonders. There is three ways to win: Military, Science or Civilian Victory.

It’s a good game for 2 people. The rules are a little complex, but once you’re through that it has some real depth to it.

Where to buy it?

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Lords of Waterdeep

What is it?

A worker placement game set in the Dungeons and Dragons Realm. Each turn you will assign you agents to various parts of the city of Waterdeep. You can then send your Clerics, Fighters, Rogues or Wizards off on quest to gain money and victory points.

A really enjoyable game with a great immersive theme. Whilst there are plenty of options there are plenty of ways to interact with other players. Intrigue cards can result in interesting changes to how you approach the game. Definitely recommend adding it to any collection.

Where to buy it?

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Small World

What is it?

A combat and area control game set in a world that just ain’t big enough for everyone. You take control of varioud different fantasy races who have randomly assigned abilities. You then conquer as much of the world as you can and then when you’ve finished with that race you pick another and try again.

Hilarious fun and a very unique game. The fact that you only have each race for a few turns can result in some pretty cuthroat gameplay. Play as Pillaging Humans, Spirit Halflings, Flying Ratmen or whatever other combination the game throws at you. Its a great game and a really good game for younger board gamers.

Where to buy it?

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Current Top 10

Click the pictures to go to Amazon if you want to buy the game.

1. Scythe (1-5 players)

An incredibly well designed Economic/Combat/Area Control game both in terms of gameplay and in terms of the amazing components. Your goal is to attain 6 stars which game be acquired through a number of ways; building structures, combat, popularity, enlisting recruits. Each player has a unique player board and faction board allowing for huge amounts of replay value. I have spent countless hours playing Scythe and I undoubtedly will spend countless more.

2. Carcassonne (2-5 players)

A simple tile laying game where your decisions can be tested depending on what tiles you draw next. It’s a great game to get others into board games and can be a very relaxed game where social interactions can help new players to make decisions. There are plenty of expansions for the game which add some new and innovative mechanisms, but they also don’t interfere with the base game, which can still be played if desired. I have taken Carcassonne around the world travelling with me and, as long as you can find a large enough surface to play on, it’s amazing fun.

3. Scythe: Invaders From Afar (1-7 players)

The first of three expansions for Scythe. This adds two new factions and two new player mats. It increases the player count to up to 7 from the original 5. I have found that this adds even more variation to the game and allows more choice and different play styles, the two new factions are very different to the original 5 and they both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Since having gotten Invaders from Afar, I haven’t played the game without it.

4. Codenames (2-8 players)

A great party game of deduction and wordplay. Two teams battle it out to find their agents by uncovering their codenames. One member of each team takes it in turns to say 1 word and 1 word only the rest of the team must try to find as many codenames that might link to that word. You can find your own agents, the other teams or the game ending assassin. This is my favorite party game and one of the things I enjoy the most about it is that everybody that plays it has a different way of thinking, so trying to figure out what they mean can be hilarious fun. Tense and exciting!

5. Sagrada (1-4 players)

A beautiful puzzle game with lots of dice. You have the challenge of creating a stained glass window. You use dice to do this, the dice are all different colours and the number on the dice represents the shade of the colour, so the higher the number the darker the shade. It gets more challenging as the game goes on as you have less and less space and the restrictions on where you can place your dice become more challenging. I’ve only started playing this recently and loved it from the start, there is plenty of replay value and elements of interaction between players.

6. Captain Sonar (2-8 players)

A tense and deeply involved party game. You take the part of two submarine crews battling it out to eliminate the other submarine. The game can be played out in real time or turn by turn. There are 4 jobs that need to be undertaken; Captain, First Mate, Engineer and Radio Operator. The game involves plotting out your own course, whilst listening to the other team and then charging up your torpedo’s, sonar, mine’s and other resources to either try to escape or detroy your opposition. I’ve had a huge amount of fun playing this game. It is chaotic and nervewracking but one of my favorites.

7. Dead Of Winter (2-5 players)

Currently unavailable on Amazon

A gritty cooperative game with elements of deception. You are a colony of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. You task changes depending on the scenario you choose at the start of the game. Each round sees you looking for supplies, fighting zombies, finding other survivors and then at the end of each round you must have enough resources to survive, failing to do so will drop the colony’s morale. However, they may be a survivor with an ulterior motive amongst you. Its a great game that is symptomatic of lots of cooperative games in which you always feel close to losing but if you can just survive you might just win.

8. Catan (3-4 players)

A true board game classic. A strategy game with trading and dice rolling. The game involves building settlements and eventually cities on the corners of hex tiles. Each tile has a number from 2-12 on it, representing all of the outcomes of rolling two six sided dice together. You roll the dice, add the numbers and gather the resources of tiles with that number on them. There is a large amount of luck involved, but if you can plan out where to put your buildings then you can reduce the chance of missing out on resources. Trading becomes more important as you find yourself with too much of one resource and not enough of another. A great game which will be different each time you play it.

9. Pandemic (2-4 players)

A tense cooperative game in which you aim to eliminate diseases that threaten to wipe out the human race. From the start you feel the pressure as the diseases expand across the world in the form of different coloured cubes. You take it in turns to move you meeple and try to clear cities of each disease. Each player has a unique skill that will help in some way; you might be the Medic who clears more cubes than everyone else or the Operations Expert who excels at building research stations to help to find a cure. The game requires a lot of teamwork and planning ahead and at times just hoping that a certain city doesn’t get infected. I’ve played a good amount of Pandemic and I’ve always found it enjoyable and often enjoyed games that I’ve lost the most exciting.

10. Small World (2-5 players)

A strategy game which sees you control the various fantastical races of Small World. Each turn you spread out your forces to try to gain as much territory as you deem necessary. This game is great for teaching newer players about the balance of gaining resources without spreading yourself too thin. One of the great things about Small World is that when you feel like you’ve exhausted all you can do with one race, or its been eliminated, you are able to pick a new race to control. I really enjoy Small World and the different combinations of race and abilities can result in some hilarious outcomes.

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