About Me

My name is Chris Allen. I’m a keen board gamer, fantasy/sci-fi reader, video gamer, sports coach, teacher.

Board games. That’s why I’m here and that’s what this blog is about.

I wanted to create this blog to show the process I’ve been through to design a board game. I’ve started the process knowing lots about how to play a multitude board games but little about the process it goes into making them. This blog aims to show you how I’ve gone about making my own. I’ve had plenty of influences whilst doing this as well as lots of fun.

So what’s my history?

Careerwise I’ve been a Maths teacher since 2012, having studied my undergraduate degree in Education (my actual degree title is ridiculously long) in Liverpool, UK, with a break in 2015 to study for a Master’s in Sport Performance Analysis, which was great but I haven’t found myself using it as a career other than in the sports coaching I currently do. There has always part of me wanted to do something different. I’ve played a lot of board games and I’ve always found that I was the one reading the rules and learning the fine points to each game. This lead to my friends suggesting I should make my own board game… and so here I am, giving it a go.

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