Sharing My Idea

Forums and Mechanisms. I took a big step this week with F.I.G.S. I published a forum post on Board Game Geek to put my idea into the world to get some feedback on it. You can check out the forum here. It’s always a little scary putting your ideas out there with the constant fearContinue reading “Sharing My Idea”

My First Prototype

Design and Decisions. So after several weeks of thinking, talking making copious amounts of notes I decided to bite the bullet and make my first board game prototype. In the current lockdown it didn’t make sense to me to make a physical prototype as I wouldn’t be able to get anyone to play, so IContinue reading “My First Prototype”

Prepping for the Journey

Brainstorms and Distractions. Whilst my first blog post was only a few days ago, it spoke of the first two weeks of my journey into Board Game design. I’ve now complete my first four weeks of the process and seem to have not gotten much further. But there are plenty of reasons why. I wantContinue reading “Prepping for the Journey”

From Mind to Paper

Inspiration and Brainstorms. My journey into creating a board game started as an idealistic dream some time ago, but in terms of actually doing something about that dream, it started on the 1st April 2020. We are in lockdown due to COVID-19 and I am currently furloughed from my job as a Maths teacher. SoContinue reading “From Mind to Paper”

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