Getting back on track

Burnout and Opportunities.

It’s been some time since my last post and it has also been some time since I’ve worked on my board game. There are several reasons behind this, but I’m now back at a stage where I want to get back to the work I was doing a month ago. Since my last post I’ve embarked on another adventure, which is to convert an old Ford Minibus into a camper-van, this has been a huge amount of fun, but very time consuming, you can check out the progress here. With the chaos that is lockdown and furlough, it’s all been a bit crazy and maintaining motivation has been a real struggle.

I have also stopped posting to my Instagram and this is where the burnout mainly happened. We were playing a board game pretty much ever other day and this created a lot of pressure and took away the fun of playing board games, which is the opposite of what we wanted to achieve. That being said, it has continued to grow and I’m now up to 250 followers, which is great. This was a real positive for me and showed that people were still enjoying my content. I’ve picked up a couple of new games which will help regain the enthusiasm, although slightly worried about destroying our flat with Throw Throw Burrito (Buy it here).

So where am I at now. Well I want to get back into the design process, but I’m currently deciding if this means carrying on with F.I.G.S, adapting it to be something slightly different or starting something new. So my first plan is to keep on going with F.I.G.S and see if I can get it to a stage where it can be played and play tested. I still want to produce a board game and as with any journey there will be stumbling blocks and delays.

I’ve always enjoyed the learning part of a new board game and figuring out different strategies, but what this hiccup has allowed me to see is that what I like the most about board games is when everyone playing it is having a good time. So I want to take a look at how I can make a board game that at its core is enjoyable, it might sound strange and surely ever game should be enjoyable, but I want a game that makes you laugh even when it isn’t going your way. Take the game Uno as an example, even when you keep getting given +4s or everyone keeps skipping your turn, yes it is frustrating, but it’s still funny and enjoyable. I want this to be the essence of the game I create. So, the plan is to see if F.I.G.S can be that sort of game and if not then it’s time to reevaluate. It is never going to be perfect first time round and it is going to take time to create something that I am happy with.

In other exciting board game related news, a company called Metallic Dice Games asked me to be an affiliate for their website. This means that I have a discount coupon code where you can get 10% their products and I get commission on each sale using that code. They’ve got some really cool dice as well as dice related accessories. If you are super keen they also do Custom Dice. So go check out there website here and you can use the code CBC10 at the checkout for the 10% discount.

Thanks again for all the support and hopefully I can provide some more content again more often – just not on such a strict schedule as before. Again any feedback is hugely welcome and go check out my Instagram I’ll be putting up something a little later on today.

One thought on “Getting back on track

  1. Hi Chris

    Thank you so much for posting this. I think there is a lot of burnout going on with everyone at the moment and it’s always nice to hear your not alone.


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