Prepping for the Journey

Brainstorms and Distractions.

Whilst my first blog post was only a few days ago, it spoke of the first two weeks of my journey into Board Game design. I’ve now complete my first four weeks of the process and seem to have not gotten much further. But there are plenty of reasons why. I want to outline what I’ve managed to achieve so far as well as give some little tips about what I’ve found helpful.

Over the past two weeks I’ve put a huge amount of time in what I will call infrastructure. Things that I should do at some point but will be much more helpful later down the line. The biggest idea was making sure that I have an online presence, so that when the time comes to release the game, people are already aware of it’s existence. So this blog and website is part of that and so is my Instagram. I’ve been really pleased with how they have gone. So here is a little outline of each one:

Website: The website has now been published and has seen people from Australia, Indonesia, USA and the UK visit it (Cheating a little bit as I have friends in two of these places). I’m pleased with how it looks and it has so far worked on mobile devices as well. I’ve had to learn how to do a bit of coding, which is a great skill to have, but I’ve found it really frustrating at times. So I would definitely recommend upskilling yourself in a bit of code if you want to do the same as I’ve done.

Instagram: As of writing this post my Instagram has gone from 0 – 130 followers in 23 days. Which I’m really proud of. I’ve found that different times of the day have been more lucrative with likes and that around 6pm GMT has reaped the greatest response rate. I’ve worked hard to keep a similar style to each post as well as make the best of using just my camera phone and a standing lamp we use for reading. I’m really excited to see how it grows and how I can continue the upward trend in followers.

So how have I been getting on with the actual board game. Aside from the distractions the online stuff has created, I’ve been continuing to BRAINSTORM. One of the greatest pieces of advice that I’ve seen is to, when brainstorming, take yourself away from the computer and get back to pen and paper, this has been great and I’ve been able to sit outside with a notepad and just jot things down. Some helpful pieces of stationary that I’ve used are a highlighter and a 4-way pen. One of the big things I’ve tried not to do is erase anything, it might seem dumb or bad at the time, but that little sentence or sketch might prove to be helpful at some point later down the line.

This then leads me on to start to explain what the game is actually about. Currently I’ve nicknamed the game ‘F.I.G.S‘. Which comes from the different resources you would be able to acquire during the game; Food, Influence, Gold and Security. The game could be described as a Tile Drafting – Resource Management game. Whereby you initially draft tiles to build your player board and then roll dice to see what resource you would get on a given go. You would then be able to buy buildings, people and other infrastructure to improve your ‘Town’.

That’s where I’m currently at, my next post will go in to much more detail about the game as I will have had another few days of brainstorming completed and I hope to have started to work on a prototype (made out of a cardboard box). I hope you’ve enjoyed having a read and watch out for a new section of the website coming soon…

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